Final Findings of Semester (12/15)

Hi all, this post will be unlike my other blog posts since I will not be sharing a link. Instead I will be reviewing my studies during the semester, specifically in my Digital Design class. In that class I took on my most ambitious project yet, and interactive animation video. To complete it I used my best program Flash, as well as learn 3 new programs, Illustartor, Premiere, and Dreamweaver. This was quite challenging for me since i was learning three very different and complex programs all at the same time. In addition I really got a better sense of the production process of an animation. Finally, this was the first time I was asked to make a promotional website for my project and make it highly presentable.


Newgrounds CYOA (12/1)

While browsing Newgrounds, I came across a new interactive flash game. I bring this up because this works very similarly to my project in a mechanical sense. The viewer is given a choice with flash buttons and then an animation follows which is affected by your choice. Obviously this a lot more simple then my project as its just mostly made up of motion tweens. However this also the storytelling style I want to have.

CupHead (11/25)

Many people have already heard of this but there is a game coming out later this week by the name of Cuphead. It is a side scrolling plat former but what makes it so special is that it is inspired 1930’s animation and cartoon. It is amazing how a stylistic choice can make something look so amazing.

In the Train (11/18)

This is a short animation I found while browsing some forums. It is about a man sitting in a moving train car looking out the window. Outside the window there are amazing effects and illusions. I ‘m writing about this particular because I adore the contrast of the very simple animation inside the train and the amazing and complex animation going on outside of it. It really looks like they put a ton of effort into it.


Voodont (11/12)

Over the week I found an animation by the name of Voodont. It is about a girl who uses a a voodoo doll to mess with her friends. The animation was made in ToonBoom and was made entirely by one person. This is what I would like to do in the future, spend nine months on one project so I can create a masterpiece.